Services Australia Financial Information

Katie Woolf spoke with Services Australia Financial Information Services Officer Justin Bott.

Topics covered:

  • Upcoming balancing of family payments (when we cross-check their actual income with their estimated income to ensure they’ve been paid the right amount).
  • What your listeners need to tell us to make the process as smooth as possible.
  • How they can track the balancing of their payments.
  • What they can do/how we can help if they’ve been overpaid i.e. they have incurred a debt.
  • Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment.
  • Important reminders for families re: balancing their Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Subsidy payments based on their estimated income - they’ll either get a refund or been overpaid and will have a debt - we need them to lodge tax returns or let us know if they don’t need to 

If you haven't been working during the lockdown, due to your business being closed you can also look at Payment and Financial Services:

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Phone: 18 02 266.

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