The NT's police force is "unwell", according to Association President


Police Association President Paul McCue says there's been a tragic toll on the NT force after an officer took his own life over the weekend - the third in as many months.

He says being a frontline police officer takes its toll over years in the job, and that the Association has been asking for more supports for years, not just when they're in the job but after they retire.

The Association asked for an independent review into the issue - with it currently sitting with the police commissioner - and is expecting to see results once complete. It included a survey of officers giving an account of what they experience in the job.

There's a hope the review will bring better services for officers in dealing with their mental health.

Additionally, internal processes are underway on the matter of Sergeant Mark Casey, who has been suspended without pay after writing an opinion piece whch criticised Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker's handling of the Zachary Rolfe matter, and called for the police force to restore its core values and hold a vote of no confidence for Chalker.

McCue says while he doesn't condone Casey's actions, he is receiving support, and that no decision has been made on whether a vote of no confidence will go ahead. If it does, it won't be until at least August.

Katie questioned whether Paul thinks Police Minister Nicole Manison's position is still tenable, to which Paul responded that officers are frustrated, and he hasn't seen a response to calls for support from Minister Manison that he would like, and wants to see more akncowledgment that she is listening to concerns.