NT Police Acting Commissioner Michael Murphy believes officers should have a safe space to be honest about their experiences within the force

 Deputy Police Commissioner Michael Murphy

NT Police Acting Commissioner Michael Murphy speaks to Katie about police mntal health and what's going on within the force.

In spite of the situation recently where an officer was suspended without pay over an opinion piece about his calls for a no confidence vote on Commissioner Jamie Chalker, Murphy says he needs the NT's 2,500 strong force to know they can trust the police executive when it comes to being honest about how they're coping, and what's happening within the police force. He believes it's important for morale and mental health that officers have that trust in the executive, and he adds he trusts the NTPFES members 100%.

Murphy adds it requires the executive to be proactive in providing that safe space for members.

In terms of confidence for the executive, Murphy believes it's a small faction that are agitating right now.

In reagrds to calls for immediate and ongoing mental health support for officers, he believes omembers should receive support up to 10 years after retirement, and that changes are happening incrementally to get better support services in the job and after.

In a surprising detail, Murphy says there are now 3,000 people in the urban area, up from 2,000 people a few weeks ago. He says the Wadaye unrest is contributing to this, and the force and Larrakia Nation are working onn keeping anti-social behaviou to a minimum.