Territorians have been lied to as the NT Government tries to make back money through an altered solar rebate

Burgoyne Joshua Updated

For people with solar panels on their homes, Jacana Energy is set to transition people off the premiuim feed-in tariff - of 26 cents per kilowatt hour they fed back into the grid - once they've been in the system for 4 years, a move set to impact 13,000 homes.

Opposition Spokesperson for Renewables and Energy Joshua Burgoyne thinks Territorians have been lied to by the NT Government, as they had said they would be "grandfathering" all feed-in rates, but are now looking to make extra money due to "budget mismanagement".

Burgoyne says the people who are affected are hardworking Territorians, those that put money in to do the right thing and invest in renewable energy, and now will be slogged with higher prices for its use.