Police attrition on track to hit 11% in 2022, according to Police Association President


Police Association President Paul McCue has just attended the funeral of a police officer lost recently to suicide. It is the third NT officer, both current and former, to have taken their life in the last three months.

McCue spoke of the report into officer mental health and says there's still a lot more work to be done after not many surprises came out that report - and that so much more needs to be done at the front end of officers entering the force, to support them at the back end. He'll be meeting with the Police Commissioner today to make sure this funding is provided, and make sure police never have to go to one of these funerals again.

He adds that the NT force is on track to hit an attrition rate of 11% this year, based on a number of factors, but that this has risen from around 4.5% in 2018-19.

McCue says millions of dollars are being spent on recruitment that keeps failing, when that should be spent on making the force a better place to be so those officers can be retained.