New laws designed to stop repeat offenders

ankle braclet.jpg

New laws allowing police to attach electronic bracelets to offenders on bail have been pushed through the Territory's parliament on Thursday.

Electronic monitoring is currently used when ordered by the courts as part of sentencing or parole conditions.

The new, expanded laws are designed to stop offenders committing crimes while free on bail.

The government was forced to act, following widespread public anger about the Territory's on-going crime wave; which police say is often committed by young offenders, many of whom are on bail at the time.  

The Northern Territory Police have welcomed the change, as they deal with the crime wave.

Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro, says the effectiveness of the ankle bracelets will depend on how quickly the courts, corrections and police can implement the scheme on a day to day and case by case basis.

You can listen to Ms Finocchiaro's interview here: