Labor MLA claims crime is a media beat-up

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Labor Member for Fong Lim Jeff Collins, has come under fire for dismissing the Territory's current crime wave as a media beat-up.

Mr Collins was speaking in parliament when he made the extraordinary claims, saying:

"Both the Opposition and local media appear to do everything in their power to create a climate of fear and loathing in community (sic) when it comes to crime.

"There are constant references to the 'crime crisis' and constant hyperbole in reporting and commentary."

If that wasn't insult enough to the many victims of crime in the Territory, Mr Collins continued:

"This over the top characterisation builds unnecessary additional anxiety in the community."

His comments were immediately slammed on 'The Week That Was' segment on Friday, as being out of touch, insensitive and totally out of step with the reality of the situation.

Police statistics clearly show an increase in crime over the past quarter.