Crime wave baffles Gunner Government


The Gunner Labor Government seems baffled by Darwin's crime wave, as public anger grows over daily break-ins, home invasions and vehicle thefts.

Public drunkeness, violence and anti-social behaviour forced the owner of the Pearl restaurant in the city to lock patrons inside on Friday night for their own safety.

It followed Assistant Police Minister Jeff Collins' speech in parliament last week, that he believed the crime wave was a media beat-up, leaving many victims of crime to question the government's commitment to law and order.

The Police Association posted on social media on the weekend, that police numbers are down and declining, while crime rates continue to rise.

On Monday, Chief Minister Michael Gunner spoke on the 360 program and was clearly ruffled by the perception that labor is soft on crime.

He was unable to explain why high profile youth offender Dylan Voller, who is on bail, was reportedly at the casino in Alice Springs last week, and is a regular protestor at the Royal Commission hearings into Youth Detention.

Mister Gunner, also (again) described the current crime wave as a 'spate or spike' in December and January, despite the CLP Opposition saying the comments ignore the victims of crime in February and March.

You can listen to the full interview here: