City of Darwin hands down Budget, rates up by 1.9%

katrina fonglim 2013

The City of Darwin last night handed down their budget. Council announcing rates will increase 1.9%.

The Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim says this means an average single dwelling property with a land value of $365,000 will see a rate increase by $29 a year.

Katie Woolf spoke with the Lord Mayor on 360 this morning and asked how much the rate rise would bring in for Council and what the revenue would be invested in. She also asked if any new money would be invested into revitalising the CBD. The Lord Mayor said the Council would have a plan explaining how $500 000, which was earmarked for another bike path on the Esplanade would be utilised to activate the City.

"By the end of this month we will have a plan, because that $500 000 is an imediate investment. Activation is really important," Fong Lim said.

"A regular constant program is something we can work in."

You can hear the interview in full here.

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