Two more police assaulted


The Northern Territory Police Association is disgusted to hear of a further two alleged incidents of Police Officers being assaulted overnight.
One incident, occurred in the Darwin CBD, and the second, to an officer standing alone conducting bottle shop duties in Alice Springs.
NTPA President, Paul McCue said that the Association’s thoughts are with both Police Officers who were assaulted and that incidents such as these again highlight that Police work is dangerous and unpredictable in its very nature.
“Being assaulted at work should not be part of the job description of any Police Officer in the Northern Territory.
“It is simply not good enough that there continues to be a faction of the community who think it is OK to assault someone who is simply trying to help.
“It is the view of our Association that assaults on Northern Territory Police Officers are increasing both in frequency and severity.
“Our Association would anticipate that if found guilty, the offenders would spend time in jail," said Mr McCue.

(Statement provided by the NT Police Association)