Political squabble ignores massive budget debt

parliament house

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins claims Parliament House is deserted this week, at a time when it should be pumping with politicians and public servants digging through the Territory's finances as part of Budget Estimates.

This week and next week was originally set aside for the Opposition and Independents to question the Government over financial matters, but Labor cut the time allowed to just one week.

As a result, this week has been cancelled, and next week is also unlikely to go ahead, with non-government members threatening to boycott the process over the cut in hours allowed for budget questions.

Mr Higgins half-jokingly suggested the government cancelled this week, so as to enjoy an extra Dry Season holiday, saying the carpark at Parliament House was almost empty when he arrived at work this week - though he did see Primary Industry Minister Ken Vowles at work on Tuesday.

The problem with the petty squabbles on all sides of politics, is that serious questions about the Territory's financial position remain unlikely to be fully explored.

The NT Budget handed down in May showed a deficit of $1.3 Billion and a total debt of $5.5 Billion over the next four years.

You can listen to Mr Higgins' full interview here: