Police officers attacked by angry mob in Alice Springs

NT Police officers were forced to abandon their vehicle after they had rocks thrown at them at a town camp near Alice Springs. Picture: NT POLICE

Two police officers were forced to abandon their police car and run to safety after a group of up to 20 people attacked them and started throwing rocks at them at a town camp in Alice Springs.

A male officer was admitted to hospital with a knee injury while a female officer narrowly escaped injury when one attacker swung a wheel spanner at her head.

Opposition Leader Gary Higgins says the latest assault on two Northern Territory police officers in Alice Springs continues a disturbing trend of violence against emergency service workers.

"Attacks across the Territory appear to be growing in frequency and severity and it was only luck that prevented more serious injuries occurring in the latest Town Camp attack" Mr Higgins said.

Paul McCue, President of the Northern Territory Police Association said it was a terrifying ordeal for the officers. 

He told Katie Woolf on 360 this morning that the Northern Territory Police Association are receiving more and more notifications of attacks on their officers.  

"It's not just the number of assaults, it is the severity of those assaults and the serious impact it has on those officers."

He wants to send out a clear message, "If you attack a front line member who is doing their job and protecting their community you will be jailed."

You can listen below.

Photo credit: NT News