The same sex marriage debate raged on The Week That Was

Australians will vote on whether to make same sex marriage legal before the end of the year

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Australians have 14 days to register or update their details with the Australian Electoral Commission if they want to have their say in the postal ballot on same sex marriage. 

The same sex marriage postal plebiscite is estimated to cost $122 million dollars of tax payers money. 

The topic was debated on The Week That Was on 360 this morning with Tourism Minister Lauren Moss, Member for Blain Terry Mills and CLP Director Brad Vermeer all weighing in.

Minister Moss said "There are plenty of other things this money can be spent on - housing, health, education".

Terry Mills believes same sex marriage is not an ordinary issue saying "It is an issue of conscience and an issue of the value of marriage. The changes to the definition will not be making material difference to homosexual couples that want to live together."

"It's about the capacity to procreate and children need a mother and a father," he said. 

Brad Vermeer, despite having a sister who is in a same sex relationship still believes "marriage should be retained for how it is."


Lauren Moss, a strong supporter of marriage equality said "Children need loving families & loving families come in all shapes & sizes."

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Do you support same sex marriage?


Listen to the full debate below: