To frack or not to frack?

Katie Woolf Michael Gunner

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told the Sunday Territorian that Chief Minister Michael Gunner needs to get on with developing onshore gas to help the slumping economy and create much-needed Territory jobs.

“If you’ve got cheaper gas and affordable energy you will attract business,” Mr Turnbull said. “(Michael Gunner) dragging his feet over the development of big onshore gas resources is letting down the Territory and the nation.”

Mr Gunner told Katie Woolf on 360 this morning "Territorians are sick of politicians who fly up from down south and discuss Northern Territory issues with southern Australia in mind."

Mr Gunner believes the Prime Minister's comments over the weekend were not about what is best for the Territory. 

“We are honouring our commitment to Territorians which they supported at the election," he said. 

"We will make a clear decision in the best interest of the Territory." 

With the rest of Australia expecting to have a long hot summer with power blackouts expected, do you think the Labor party should allow fracking?

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Should the Labor party allow fracking?