Kon Vatskalis set to change CBD parking


Katie Woolf caught up with the new Darwin Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis this morning. They discussed his first week in the job and what is on the agenda for the Council's first meeting tonight.

Mr Vatskalis said he supports limited free parking in the CBD and wants to make sure every parking metre has credit card facilities available, adding that loss of parking revenue would not affect rates.

"Whatever happens, rates are not going to be going up," he said.

The Government's plans for Barneson Boulevard have been a hot topic but Vatskalis hosed down the idea of making major changes.

Mr Vatskalis believes his role as Lord Mayor is to ensure Frogs Hollow Park will not be touched.

"I will be standing in front of the bloody bulldozers, tie down myself and I will not let them touch one blade of grass there."

You can hear the full interview here.