Business responds to video that divided Territorians


A video showing a man hosing the footpath in front of a business, in the direction of an indigenous man has gone viral and divided Territorians.

Colin Bird, Operations Manager of the shop where the footage was taken joined Katie Woolf on 360 this morning.

Mr Bird said there was a disturbance outside the shop with police called. After a "fairly lengthy period of time" passed without attendance, the hose was used to clean up the shop front and the video captured by an observer. 

"Me personally and the business in no way condone any sort of intimidation or physical harm to anybody regardless of who or where they are from," he said.

Mr Bird said the main purpose of the hose is to clean up the shop front which is a common occurrence for him and many other business owners in the the CBD.

"Racism isn’t any part of this. It is a homeless issue, it is an itinerant issue, it’s not race specific."

You can listen to the full interview here.