BDR will not be scrapped

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Minister for Health Natasha Fyles spoke to Katie Woolf on 360 this morning revealing 2288 Territorians are now on the Banned Drinker Register.

Minister Fyles said that transactions had been recorded since 30th November and that 1300 people had been refused service because they are on the BDR.

"That's 1300 times they (people on the BDR) have not being able to get alcohol in their hands when they do the wrong thing and cause so much harm in our community," Minister Fyles said.

She added that the Government would conduct a six-month evaluation of the BDR to determine if it is working.

"We'll be looking at the physical role out of the BDR, the logistics, the data on the scan, the refusals, the number of people on the BDR, the reason they're there, the pathway. That will all be considered in that initial evaluation," she said.

When asked if it would be scrapped if it was determined it wasn't working in the way it is intended, the Minister said "absolutely not."

"I think what we'll need to do is look at the BDR and look at how it's been implemented and how it's having an impact on our community and make changes to that in terms of its effectiveness and the ability to protect Territorians and stop the supply of alcohol. And,  that's why we are doing different levels of evaluation and working with independent research to make sure we have all the factors looked at and that we are certainly implementing changes if needed," Ms Fyles said.


Listen to the full interview below: