Katie Woolf speaks with Police Commissioner

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Today on 360 Katie Woolf was joined in the studio by Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw. They discussed police numbers, road safety, youth crime over the Christmas holidays and the Police Force's plans to keep Territorians safe.

"We've rostered for this in a very deliberate way, it’s about engagement. Identifying those hot spots and also what we need is help from the public so if you do see anything or are concerned just ring us. We rely heavily on the community to help us," The Commissioner said.

They also discussed police on bottle shops in Katherine and Alice Springs and how the priority of incidents that arise leads to those businesses not being manned all the time.

"It's an operational commander's decision sometimes what happens is if there's not an officer standing out front there's a reason for it. Often it's a high priority response that they've got to attend and they’ve got to backup another general duty in that area,” The Commissioner said.

Listen ot the full interview below: