Tourism could boost NT economy


Today on 360 Katie Woolf spoke with Independent Member for Blain Terry Mills who is in Kupang where is he meeting with the Governor, Head of Tourism and the Chamber of Commerce. They are discussing a renewed tighter focus for the Trilateral forum on joint master planning for regional tourism.

Kupang which has a population of 350,000 and is a provincial capital of Nusa Tengara Timur that has nearly 5 million people and is only a one hour flight from Darwin.

Terry Mills says the Northern Territory needs to improve its Tourism flow.

"We know in difficult ecomnic times that tourism gives the best reach for the flow of money and economic developement into our own ecomony," Mr Mills said.

Mr Mills said the key to this will be an agreement between the governments of Timor Leste, Indonesia and Australia to develop a strategic plan to develop tourism around three major hubs; Darwin, Dili and Kupang.

“We want to develop a strategic plan that combines all three regions, with explicit focus on tourism, training and education that supports that. If we can show that we are working together, that we are making a more strategic plan for the entire region which is a very strong tourism hub, hopefully we can draw people from both sides to come and enjoy Kakadu and other areas of the NT and we fly there an enjoy other places," Mr Mills said.

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