Chief Minister wants changes to FIFO

Tragic news yesterday with the death of another INPEX worker. Workers on the INPEX project were told on Tuesday evening they must continue working or have a medical certificate after the death. In a notice informing all employees of the FIFO worker’s death, the subcontractor told workers the site would remain open.

“Employees are expected to work in accordance with their roster – annual leave will not be granted retrospectively and personal leave will require a medical certificate,” the sign said.

Katie Woolf spoke with the Chief Minister Michael Gunner today on 360 and discussed if there should be an overarching strategy in place in the NT to support people in their workplace to prevent this type of loss of life.

"As a government we've been actively working with programs in place to support the worker to reduce FIFO for several reasons. One is for the employees health, this is the tragic impact FIFO can have on someone. Revenue, we know GST per head for someone can, in and out of the Territory is account to the state that they are living. We don't get that GST. We want to make sure there are jobs here in the Territory and if you've got those people physically living here in the NT with their families and our community that's a significant result for the Territory than if they are living interstate,"

"We know this is bad from the evidence, this is bad for peoples health, psychical health and mental health. You got to make sure you have programs in place to support that," The Chief Minister said.

They also discussed the situation in Tennant Creek which continues to be monitored. Earlier this week the Director of Licensing Cindy Bravos made the decision to extend the restrictions on takeaway alcohol. It’s been reported this morning that elders in the community feel this is having an impact.

The Chief Minister said the future of Tennant Creek relies on all organisations to work together.

"Government can't fix this, community can't fix this, NGO's (non-government organisations) can't fix this. It has to be all three together. I've ask them to demand of us, and alcohol is a great example, a measure they believe that will work in the locals sphere and an ability for us to go hard on, and that is obviously backed up by their ability to go hard. We're getting advice from the liquor commission on what we might be able to do on a broader interim scale," The Chief Minister said.

They also discussed reports today that the Chief Minister exchanged heated words with Ken Vowles after the Primary Industries Minister organised a meeting of Aboriginal MLAs last month.

Listen to the full interview below

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