Liquor Outlets deliberately breaching the BDR in NT

This morning the Chief Minister Michael Gunner made a significant announcement announcing 75 police auxiliaries will be trained as Liquor Inspectors and stationed in front of bottle shops.

They will be part of a 97-member new Community Safety Division. Today on 360 Katie Woolf was joined in the studio by Chief Minister Michael Gunner who made claims some bottle shops are deliberately breaking the law with the banned drinkers register.

"We know that there are outlets out there that aren't behaving responsibly. Don't try make a cheap profit or risk loosing your liquor license. You are being watched. No law works if people try to circumvent it. There are a number of bad outlet deliberately breaching," The Chief Minister said.

TheChief Minister said NT Police are looking into these breaches.

44 Police Liquor inspectors will be placed in Alice springs,12 in Tennant Creek and 20 in Katherine with a $14 million investment in the first year and $12 million in the following.

Katie also spoke with the Leader of Opposition Gary Higgins who says he still supports the the Riley Review which recommended not leaving this job up to the police.

"I think it's a bit disappointing that we are just calling straight on the police and my stand all along has been the Territory does need liquor inspectors. Riley said that we do need to have liquor inspectors, we need to get the police off the front of bottle shops. What we are doing here of course, is just dumping that job back onto the police again. Police are not only doing liquor inspections, they're doing motor vehicle inspections, there's officers under the consumer affairs act and fisheries inspectors. We are overloading the police, they are an expensive resource to train. We need to take some of the tasks away from them when they can be done by other people and agencies," Mr Higgins said.

Listen to the full interview below

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