Police left to clean up BDR

Yesterday the NT Government announced an additional 75 police auxiliaries to be trained as Liquor Inspectors and stationed in front of bottle shops. This is part of a wider plan announced by the Government in an effort to halt some of the issues we have with alcohol in the NT.

Today on 360 Katie Woolf spoke with the Attorney General and Leader of Government Business Natasha Fyles

Ahead of parliament resuming in the NT, they discussed the recent crisis around the BDR with some take away outlets who are in breach. The Police Association said this is an admission that the Government have no faith in Licensing to monitor and act against breaches of the Liquor Act.

Ms Fyles said she agrees that the BDR needs to be more robust.

"We do believe that liquor licensing has failed Territorian's and there's no specific liquor licensing inspectors or robust compliance. I think that's the key, we need to have a strong system in licensing. The Riley Review had clear recommendations on licensing inspectors, was the best way to help and protect the NT," Ms Fyles said.

Katie also spoke with NT Police Association President Paul McCue to hear his reaction. He says the police have been left to do all the hard work, yet again.

"What it did was create further disappointment from our end and almost a sense of 'here we go again'. The police have to continue to monitor bottle shops. This is only going to be relevant for Tennant Creek and Alice Springs and not addressing the overall issue. It's disappointing the police have been doing the heavy lifting here for the people that should be monitoring this, they have let the police down," 

"From our point of view its creating a risk, our constables have different training from auxiliaries. It's far riskier when your out on the front line," Mr McCue said.
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