Arafura Games comeback will cost $8 Million

Today we heard from the Attorney General and Minister for Arafura Games Natasha Fyles regarding the budget blow out ahead of next months Games.

The original budget was $4 million and the Arafura Games Minister told Katie Woolf.

"So there has been $6 Million from the budget allocated and there is also a Treasurers advance in place if the games organisers need to utilise that. We know when the Arafura Games were last held, the Chamber of Commerce said they were worth around $10 Million to the local economy," said Minister Fyles.

Upon pressing it was admitted this estimated benefit to the economy, was from the 2,500 participants who attended the previous games, to date this Arafura Games has only 1000 registrations and the Minister couldn't advise how many where local residents.

Minister Fyles also advised the Northern Territory Government would review if we will see the Arafura Games again.

What are your thoughts - is this a good investment by the Northern Territory Government?

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You can listen to the full interview below

Arafura Games