Territorians need to lift their game with recycling!

Katie Woolf spoke with the Darwin Lord Mayor on 360 today regarding Alderman Robyn Knox's comments yesterday that she thinks the CU in the NT merchandise should be banned from being sold at the Nightcliff markets. It's an issue that she will take to the Council meeting tonight.

With the CU in the NT brand having over 55,000 Facebook followers, nearly 22,000 Instagram followers and 71,000 people who have visited the NT have posted their happy snaps under the #CUINTHENT hashtag - we know it has been a very successful campaign which has reached a world wide following. We will

On other topics our Lord Mayor suggests Territorians need to pick up their act when it comes to recycling and put the right rubbish in the correct bins.

You can listen to the full interview below

Kon Lord Mayor Feb 19