Repeated crime sprees taking over Tennant Creek!

This morning Katie Woolf spoke with Tennant Creek Mayor Steve Edgington after a public meeting was held on Monday night where over 120 local Tennant Creek residents and business owners attended.

The Mayor of Tennant Creek told Katie "People are angry and fed-up at the high levels of repeated crime and it's gotten to the stage where they don't feel safe in their own homes." "Business people are spending time reporting crimes, spending time fixing up damage caused and of course they are spending lots of money on repairing damage and of course that money could be used elsewhere to help people run their businesses" Steve Edgington said.

Steve went on to say "Tennant Creek residents have had a gut full and it's at a stage where it needs strong Government intervention to bring this to a halt." .
"Something very different is happening at the moment and there appears to be young people, groups of people roaming the streets, pretty much all hours of the night and early morning. We need a whole Government approach and level of investigation " said the Mayor of Tennant Creek.

You can listen to the full interview below

Steve Tennant Creek Mayor