Katie Woolf spoke with Chief Minister Michael Gunner for the first time since the Yuendumu shooting

Katie Woolf was joined by Chief Minister Michael Gunner in the studio.

It was the first time Katie has had a chance to speak with Michael Gunner since the Yuendumu shooting, therefore she had the following questions for him.

What did the community members from Yuendumu say to you?

The community which Many also remain worried about is the police community. Over the weekend I received correspondence from officers who say they are seriously concerned about the way this situation has been handled. I’ve been told by officers there are a significant number of the police force who are feeling demoralised, disgusted and struggling to turn up because of how this matter has been handled. What did the police tell you on the weekend?

Have you seen the body worn vision?

People are concerned the ICAC Commissioner was front and Centre at a rally last week telling the crowd - Black Lives Matter and anyone who says contrary to that is guilty of corrupt behaviour. Is that an appropriate comment to make?

On Friday morning after the rally in Alice, BUSINESS owners were left to pick up the pieces after a group of up to 30 youths reportedly moved through the CBD in the early hours damaging property. A man was assaulted in the initial incident and received injuries to his face, but did not seek medical treatment. Did you speak to business people in Alice Springs?

You can listen to the Chief Minister Michael Gunner's answers here.