We need to channel our energy into solutions and moving forward

Katie Woolf spoke with resident Elizabeth from Knuckey Lagoon.

Eliabeth's parents family home was ‘invaded’, two of our vehicles were stolen one of which is a write off item.  Personal items included house keys have been stolen and the list goes on.

Six other families felt the impact of these events on Sunday am.  Elizabeth has cctv of the  4 youth involved. One of the youths was wearing an ankle bracelet which is how the cars were located in the swamp.

As a community member, Elizabeth is concerned about escalating crime rates. The community is concerned about the function or dysfunction of the youth justice system - lack of consequences, disconnection to the impact of their choices etc.  They are also concerned about the lack of programs available to respond to use justice issues which support the offending youths to become contributing citizens in society.  

The Community is holding a meeting on Thursday 5th November from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Darwin Pony Club Knuckey Lagoon.

If you live in that area, they are hoping  to come up with some solutions they can approach the Chief Minister or the Attorney General with.

Take a Listen here: Audioboom_Profile_Katie_Woolf_Sept_2019.jpg