Territorians are not happy about the Milkwood Tree's being cut down in the city over the weekend.

The over 80 year old Milkwood tree, that we cut down on the weekend has created a lot of hype.

Katie Woolf spoke with Minister Natasha Fyles, Larrakia Custodian Eric Fejo, Independent Gerry Wood, Margaret Clinch from PLAN Community Group, Norman Cramp the Director of the Military Museum and local callers.

What we have learnt so far:

  • There was a Heritage application put in October
  • December 6th the application was accepted.  There was going to be research into the WW2 Hat that was embedded in the tree.
  • The only people that were spoken to were the NT Government, Council, Larrakia Nation and CDU.
  • Territorians are not happy!

Here is the image of the WW2 Hat in the tree: