From 4pm Today Territory Borders will have Checkpoints

Katie Woolf spoke with Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker.

Australian Defence Force support – COVID-19 Boarder Controls 

The efforts to keep Northern Territorians safe from COVID-19 will include support from the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The ADF will be deploying convoys today to provide equipment and resources to NT Police operated checkpoints on the main highways on or near the three borders with the Territory.

These will be small teams operating in a support capacity.

The ADF’s role will be to set-up camps at the checkpoints and provide medical assistance to conduct checks of people entering the Northern Territory.

The Northern Territory is implementing strict border control measures through introducing a two-week self-quarantine period for anyone arriving in the Territory.

There will be exemptions for a limited group of people who provide goods and essential services during the coronavirus pandemic.

From 4:00 pm Tuesday 24 March all travellers arriving by air, sea, road or rail via the Territory borders will be required to go through a controlled checkpoint to verify their current health status, purpose of their travel into the Territory and whether they have an exemption.

All people considering travelling to the Northern Territory, are strongly urged to reconsider the necessity for their travel.

Those travellers, who are found to not be exempt, will be required, by law, to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, with penalties applying to those who do not comply.

All arrivals including Territory residents will be screened and, if deemed a non-essential visitor, will be told to self-isolate.

Arrival forms will be completed for everyone entering the Territory including visitors and essential services.

These measures are in place to help keep all Territorians safe.