The Week That Was (19 March 2021)

Katie Woolf's The Week That Was panel included Minister for Health Natasha Fyles, Deputy Opposition Leader Gerard Maley and Sky News Matt Cunningham.

Every Friday on the 360 Show, from 9am until 10am, Katie Woolf is joined by a panel of pollies and media to talk about the topics of the week that are important to the Northern Territory.

Topics Covered this morning:

  • A Current Affair report on Alice Springs and also Mick Gooda's comments. 
  • The Impact on Tourism from A Current Affair coverage
  • 3-year old sexually assaulted - Northern Territory Police have charged a 21-year-old male in relation to a serious assault in Karama on Thursday evening.
  • Police Secrecy - another assault in Alice Springs but nothing from police media until yesterday after a story in the NT Independent.
  • The leasing of the Darwin Port 
  • Vaccine rollout in the Northern Territory 
  • Marion Scrymgour hand picked to run in the seat of Lingiari as the preselected ALP candidate.

Listen to the full chat here: