The Week That Was (21 May 2021)

Katie Woolf's The Week That Was panel included Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison, Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro and Sky News Matt Cunningham.

Topics covered:

  • Treaty Commissioner Mick Dodson and another woman has come forward with allegations.
  • Testing changes at Howard Springs
  • Claims PPE etc has also changed at Howard Springs
  • COVID vaccine rollout - It is being reported nationally today that 1 in 4 vaccines are not being used.The NT is underutilizing our vaccines - NT 58% of our vaccines have been used. Worst performing jurisdiction.
  • Workforce Shortage 
  • NT Jobless rate - unemployment rate has dipped to below four per cent – the lowest level in the nation – as almost 2000 more Territorians found work in April.
  • The Shiplift

Listen to the full chat here: