The Week That Was - 9 July 2021

Katie Woolf's The Week That Was panel included Health Minister Natasha Fyles, Shadow Minister for Racing, Gaming and Licensing Marie-Clare Boothby, Independent Member Goyder Kezia Purick.

Topics covered:

Covid Restrictions Lifting - Restrictions are set to lift in the NT at 1pm today, providing no major issue arrives this morning…

Territory Day Celebrations - Sunday August 29….

Vaccine Rollout - We have achieved a key milestone in the vaccine rollout with more than 100,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine administered across the Northern Territory.

Business Breaks the Rules - a Darwin business was shut down yesterday for multiple failures to comply with the Chief Health Officer Directions.

Turf Club - The Northern Territory’s anti-corruption watchdog made findings of “improper conduct” against your former chief of staff, three members of the Darwin Turf Club and a company director over the $12 million government grant for a new grandstand.

ICAC - Set to be referred to the Privileges Committee following allegations he misled Budget Estimates.

Listen to the full chat here: