The Week That Was 10 July 2020

Matt Hepworth's The Week That Was panel Environment Minister Eva Lawler, Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro, Territory Alliance Leader Terry Mills and 9 News Darwin Kathleen Gazzola.

The Topics covered:

  • NT Borders - Melbourne this week as the city and the state of Victoria struggles to deal with a second wave of coronavirus.

      Yesterday we asked on Facebook:  What are your thoughts regarding Victorians coming to the NT?

      a) Mandatory supervised quarantine as of July 17.

      b) Mandatory supervised quarantine as of now.

      c) Let's be like Queensland, no access to ANY Victorian visitors.

  • Kakadu - Traditional owners have given a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the management of Kakadu National Park.  The Park is currently managed by the Federal Government's Park's Australia. The Federal Environment Minister Sussan Lee if she would consider handing over management of the park to the Northern Territory Government - to which she gave me a very blunt one worded answer “no”.
  • Budget - The C-L-P have threatened to sack Government C-E-O's if they continue to blow their budgets.  The election promise comes in a bid to rein in the Territory's finances.  Departments will be issued a three strike policy with a formal notice, monitoring and termination.
  • Environment - The Gunner Government has released its CLIMATE CHANGE POLICY with a commitment to ZERO NET EMISSIONS by 20-50.  The policy also stands by the Government's previous commitment to 50 per cent renewable energy by 20-30.
  • FrackingTERRITORY Alliance Party leader Terry Mills said he still believes that hydraulic fracturing could be done safely in the NT.

Listen to the full chat here: