This technology will scare you!

We're getting the feeling that technology might be advancing just a little too fast for us to be able to keep up. Not only do phones/cars/supermarkets keep getting upgraded, now it's the chemicals and materials they're made of that are getting a boost.

Smart phone in particular are faster, smaller, thinner and stronger than ever before. But now, the only thing holding them back could be a thing of the past. 

Imagine if you cracked your screen by dropping your phone, then after a few days or weeks the screen had repaired itself!

No, it's not science fiction, or a phone for Wolverine (who can also self-heal). Scientists have invented a new material capable of conducting electricity, it's extremely strong and durable and can join itself back together. 

The technology behind it baffles me, but I imagine it a little like water or a fluid joins together after being split.

With adequate testing, who knows how soon we might see this material affect our phones! 

Only time will tell, I'm excited, but also a little scared...