Breast Cancer Trials Informative Q & A

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12/06/2024 5:00 pm to 12/06/2024 6:30 pm
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Breast Cancer Trials is hosting its next informative Q&A on Wednesday, June 12th from 5-6.30pm AEST when they will be discussing why ‘less can be more’ when it comes to breast cancer treatment. 

The panel is made up of Professor Boon Chua, Study Chair of a number of clinical trials and Professor of Medicine at the University of NSW, Dr Belinda Kiely, medical oncologist, Ms Michelle Sinclair, Psychologist and Psycho-Oncology researcher and Ms Margaret Lopreiato, breast cancer patient and participant in the PROSPECT clinical trial. All panellists are available for an interview. 

The Q&A will be hosted by writer and broadcaster, Annabel Crabb. 

It is a common myth that more treatment is always better when it comes to breast cancer.

Certainly 40 years ago, our grandmothers and mothers were treated with radical mastectomies, which involved the removal of the entire breast, the skin and underlying muscle, as well as the lymph glands – and this was standard treatment.

But since then, research has shown time and time again that more isn’t always the best approach.

Today, more women are surviving their breast cancer diagnosis than ever before. And while we still have a long way to go before every patient has a treatment that is right for them and their unique situation, a new area of research has developed in recent years which is investing in patient wellbeing.

Called optimised treatment, researchers are investigating if a ‘less is more’ approach will give patients equally good or better outcomes.

By reducing the amount and intensity of treatment that patients receive, it has the potential to reduce the side effects of treatment, which can often be long lasting.

Long term side effects of breast cancer treatment can include heart problems, chronic pain, lymphedema, osteoporosis, cognitive dysfunction and more. 

Optimised treatment means moving away from a one size fits all approach to breast cancer treatment, towards better tailoring of treatments for patients. It may also provide doctors not just the knowledge on how to treat the disease but how to better care for the patient as a whole.

This Q&A will look at open clinical trials, EXPERT, OPTIMA and PROSPECT, which are the latest in optimised treatment, side effects of breast cancer treatments, discuss the psychological impact of an optimised treatment plan and talk to breast cancer patients.

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