Cadbury could release its own version of the kitkat


There could be some pretty devastating... yet amazing news on the way for chocolate fans.

It’s no secret that there’s a constant competition between Cadbury and Nestle.

But recently, their competition was taken to a whole new level.

Nestle tried to trademark the classic 4-finger design because of their iconic chocolate the KitKates and Cadbury were all like “no, sorry fam” and took them to court… and well, Cadbury won.

The reason Nestle wanted to trademark the design was because a Norwegian chocolate bar called a Kvikk Lunsj was released and it's basically a copycat of KitKats.

With Cadbury winning, this means that KitKats may literally need to "have a break" and Cadbury now has the right to release their own four-finger designed chocolate.

What a moment in history.