The Cure LIVE

The Cure's fifth and final performance of Disintegration at Sydney Opera House on 30 May 2019 as part of the Livid Festival. CONCERT BEGINS AT 16:35

FULL SETLIST (with thanks to YouTube user Lokomiusek)
B-Sides and Demos
1. Delirious Night 17:20
2. Fear of Ghosts 23:44
3. No Heart 30:54
4. Esten 34:20
5. 2 Late 38:17
6. Out of Mind 41:10
7. Babble 44:45

8. Plainsong 49:15
9. Pictures of You 59:31
10. Closedown 1:06:44
11. Lovesong 1:11:00
12. Last Dance 1:14:40
13. Lullaby 1:19:54
14. Fascination Street 1:24:46
15. Prayers for Rain 1:29:47
16. The Same Deep Water as You 1:35:34
17. Disintegration 1:44:47
18. Homesick 1:53:10
19. Untitled 2:00:18

20. Burn 2:10:55
21. Three Imaginary Boys 2:17:52
22. Pirate Ships (Wendy Waldman cover) 2:21:30

Exclusive to Vivid LIVE, alternative British rock legends The Cure will bring their magisterial, slow-burn masterpiece Disintegration to the Opera House Concert Hall for five shows to mark the 30th anniversary of their career-defining epic. This is the world premiere of these 30th anniversary performances, and their only Australian engagement.

This live stream was directed by British filmmaker Nick Wickham, a close collaborator of The Cure’s who is known for his work with Iggy Pop, Joe Cocker, Annie Lennox and Madonna

"Today marks 30 years since the release of the disintegration album - and we are very pleased to announce to Cure fans around the world that we will be global live streaming our final performance from the Sydney Opera House on 30th May, where we will be playing the album in its entirety - plus extras! - at Vivid LIVE. We look forward to celebrating the anniversary of this special album with you all...
...And remember: this album was mixed to be played loud… so turn it up!"
— Robert Smith, 2 May 2019.