Boy aged 11 killed in horrific incident at a Palmerston shopping centre car park

December 20, 2022 3:29 pm in by

A child has been killed in a horrific incident at a suburban shopping centre in Palmerston. 

Emergency services were called to reports a child had been struck by a vehicle at a complex on Moulden Terrace at 12.45pm. 

Detective Senior Sergeant Brendan Lindner says a 54-year-old man, who was parked near the entrance of the complex, was trying to reverse his large utility out of the car park. 

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But he says the vehicle went forward and struck an 11-year-old boy, who was walking in front of the car. 

“It [the vehicle] lurched forward a few metres across the walkway pinning him against the wall where he suffered injuries and he tragically died from those injuries,” Detective Lidner says. 

“His family were on the scene so as you can imagine it’s been a horrific incident for them to witness.” 

“Police are back speaking with the family at the present time.” 

Detective Lindner says the driver remained at the scene and underwent alcohol and drug testing. 

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“He returned a result that indicated positive for drugs.” 

The man was arrested and taken to hospital for blood samples to be taken which will be sent for forensic toxicology analysis. 

Police did not reveal the type of drug that was detected. 

Detective Lindner says Major Crash Detectives have been deployed to investigate how and why the crash has occurred.

“We’re reviewing CCTV which has captured part of the incident.” 

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“A number of people were in the area that police are yet to speak to.” 

“If anyone saw the incident occur or the driver involved immediately beforehand we’d urge them to come forward to police.” 

Detective Lindner says the young boy and his family were visiting from interstate. 

“It’s a horrific incident, it’s a horrific death, fatal, towards the end of the year five days out from Christmas.” 

He is pleading with motorists to take care on the roads. 

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“Please take care anywhere you are at the present time, everyone’s in a rush at this time of the year to try and finalise Christmas shopping.”

“It’s not worth risking your life or the lives of others, you can only imagine how Christmas is going to be for this poor family, who’ve lost their 11-year-old son and brother, it’s unimaginable.”  

“If you’ve been drinking and doing drugs, stay off the road.”


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