NT buses free for the rest of 2022

October 17, 2022 7:29 am in by

For the rest of the year, residents and visitors to Alice Springs and Darwin will be able to use the public bus networks free of charge.

Over the next few months, 100 new ticketing machines will be installed on public buses, providing a more useable and reliable system for bus passengers.

Ticket machines will not be activated until the fleet is fully fitted with operational equipment.

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NT Minister for Logistics Eva Lawler says this decision will have the added benefit of providing a free air-conditioned alternative to driving in our two major centres.

“We recognise that with fuel costs rising, there are households under additional financial pressure,” said Minister Lawler said.

“By waiving bus fees for the next few months, we hope some of this pressure will ease.

“Riding the bus should be a safe and attractive option for urban commuters. With the recent increase in powers for security and transit officers and now the provision of free travel, we hope to see more people become regular bus users.”