Territory’s top baby names revealed

February 7, 2023 1:08 pm in by

New baby names have taken out the top three spots for the most popular names in 2022, while others have made a comeback from previous years.

A total 1,796 boys were born in the NT last year, with Noah and William tying at first place for the most popular name – having 16 births registered to them each.

Noah had been bumped up from the third most popular name in 2021 to the first for 2022, and William making a return back to the top since 2020.

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Coming in second place was Levi, a newcomer to the popular names list with 14 births registering the name, then Michael and Xavier in third place with 12 births.

While the number of births recorded for the most popular boy names are in the high teens, data from 2021 revealed a whopping 118 births had been registered to the name Charlie – which took out the top spot for the year.

For baby girls there were 1,707 births in 2022, Charlotte taking out first place for the most popular name with 18 births registered.

It isn’t the first time Charlotte has secured the spot though, with the name also being the most popular in 2020 as well.

Following Charlotte in second place a total 16 births were registered to the name Matilda – making a return from 2021 where the name sat in fourth place.

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Ava has been registered with a total of 14 baby girl names in 2022, bringing the name to third place for the second year in a row.

There was also a significant drop in the number of births in the past decade across the NT.

Records from the 2012 registry documented 1,989 girls born – a staggering 282 difference in comparison to 2022.

For boys, the number of births declined by 255 in the year 2022 compared to 2012.