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Wheelchair tennis program to launch in Darwin after strong demand from players


A new wheelchair tennis program will be launched in Darwin later this year, thanks to a community grant.

Tennis NT is among 11 local sporting and community groups to receive a share of $50,000 from the City of Darwin Council.

The group’s Beth Caird says they applied for the funding after learning that there was strong demand for wheelchair tennis.

“We identified that there was a really passionate, engaged group of wheelchair tennis players and differently-abled tennis players who were regularly doing coaching and lots of tennis at the Garden’s Tennis Club,” Ms Caird says.

Work is now underway to develop a pilot program which is expected to commence in coming months.

Ms Caird says she hopes the program will help grow the local tennis community.

“[It’s an] opportunity for us to create…a place for people to make friends and just have that interconnectedness and wellbeing component that often comes along with any kind of organised club sport, whether that be for disability or for abled-bodied people as well,” she says.

“[It’s also] an opportunity for them to get active and get healthy even more frequently because we have a really outstanding wheelchair tennis coach.”

Tennis NT is also on the lookout for further funding to help cover the costs of more wheelchairs, which are specially designed for the sport.

(Photo: Tennis NT Facebook)