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300L of booze seized in sandbar party in Darwin Harbour


Rising tides forced 600 partygoers off the sandbar near Cullen Bay Marina.

The mad scramble to escape surging waters on Saturday afternoon ended in alleged assaults, and a number of boat collisions, with one small boat capsizing.

In a written statement, a Northern Territory Police spokesperson says a number of fights broke out, with a 48 year old man sent to hospital for treatment.

"A large number of people choose to drink excessively placing them at risk as the tide became to rise, forcing party goers to evacuate the area within a short period of time," the statement says.

"Water Police were called for assistance following a number of boat collisions, as well as overloading, one small boat capsizing and a number of altercations between boats as people were being conveyed back to the mainland."

Police were called in to disperse the crowd and around 300 litres of alcohol was seized.

"A 48-year-old man was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital for assessment after he was involved in an altercation."

Watch Commander Xavier McMahon says NT Water Police are continuing to investigate a number of identified marine offences.

“People don’t realise how quickly a situation can change with the NT tides," Mr McMahon says.

"It was disappointing to see such a large crowd be so irresponsible and put so many people at risk."

However, chief minister Michael Gunner posted a video of the party to social media, touting it as a success only possible because of hard Covid-rules.

"You can’t do this in Bondi, but you can do this in Darwin.

"This is the reward for Covid Zero and hard borders - freedom and fun."