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Incentives on offer to explore the NT but only for the fully vaccinated


Incentives have been announced to entice interstate residents to take a holiday in the Northern Territory over summer.

Travellers will be eligible for a $200 discount when they spend $1,000 on the likes of car hire, tours, flights and accommodation in the Territory when booking through a travel agent.

But Tourism NT’s Tony Quarmby says it’s only available to those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

“If they’re not in a hotspot, they can still travel to the Territory over the summer...however they won’t get access to the discount,” Mr Quarmby says.

The NT Government is spending $5 million on the scheme, which it hoped will encourage travellers to get vaccinated.

“So we do that by incentivising anybody... that’s fully vaccinated to come up here with a reduced cost over the summer,” Mr Quarmby says.

Business support

The initiative aims to support local businesses who have lost their international travellers due to the pandemic.

“So with international travel off the cards again for the second summer in a row, Northern Territory businesses are going to do it really difficult,” Mr Quarmby says.

“The ‘Summer Sale’ is designed to motivate travellers from the domestic markets to come here to offset those losses in international visitation.”

“Our aim is to get through this summer with as much of our tourism operators doing as well as they can to make it to our shoulder and peak season next year.”

The initiative is expected to inject millions into the local economy but it could deliver less than previous years.

“Last summer we got about $15 million into the tourism economy in the Northern Territory from this campaign so we’re hoping to get about the same amount this summer,” Mr Quarmby says.

“Of course with the vaccination restriction it may lower that amount depending on how fully vaccinated the country gets by the end of the summer.”

Territorians can also access the summer travel incentives if 80 per cent of their trip is in the NT.

(Photos: supplied Tourism NT)