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Territorians urged to visit the Red Centre, with tourism the 'worst it's ever been'


Territorians are being urged to head to the Red Centre to help keep the tourism sector alive.

Tourism Central Australia’s Danial Rochford says many operators are on the brink of shutting down, with tourism "the worst it’s ever been."

“We’re seeing visitation dry up right across Central Australia and we’re certainly seeing businesses starting to retract, hibernate and close down.”

Mr Rochford says about 30 businesses may not make it through the summer, which is traditionally a quiet time for tourism.

There is some optimism, with the next round of Territory tourism vouchers due to open next week.

“We need you [Territorians] more than ever…and we would really appreciate your support over the next few months,” Mr Rochford

But it won’t be enough to keep businesses afloat and he is begging the NT and Federal Government to help.

“Our industry is trying to keep their staff but at least if the businesses survive, we can rebound from there, but at this stage there’s not a lot of hope.”

“We need some flexibility here by our governments to target that funding to the ones that need it the most.”

Without funding support, Mr Rochford says the situation is dire.

“Staring down the next few weeks, months with no income, no business can survive that.”

“The reality for us is our tourism industry here in Central Australia will be very much a shadow of its former self.”