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Netflix, ABC team up for NT political thriller

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Screening behemoth Netflix has teamed up with the ABC to commission a political thriller filmed in Adelaide and the Northern Territory and created by the team who made the Underbelly series.

Pine Gap will be a six-part TV show set in and around the US/Australia joint defence facility of the same name, near Alice Springs, after a civilian plane is shot down.

The ABC has put out a "classified" release with redacted sections in order to build suspense and "place" the show in the realm of restricted government activity.

"Pine Gap is shrouded in intrigue for many Australians. It's the perfect anchor and a timely subject for an Australian drama that can resonate both locally and with a global audience," said ABC director of television David Anderson.

"This partnership enables a high-end Australian drama to be produced for all Australians and for locally produced content to be delivered to an international audience."

Logie award winning screenwriter Greg Haddrick (Janet King, Underbelly) will be showrunner on the series which was co-written with Felicity Packard (Wolf Creek, Janet King).

Screentime, the production company behind Underbelly and Janet King, has been commissioned to produce the show.

The show has also received major support from the South Australian Film Corporation and the South Australian state government.

Pre-production will start in Adelaide in November and the series will film across multiple locations in South Australia and the Northern Territory next year.


IMAGE/AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File