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Last Chance To Get A Postal Vote

The AEC is reminding all Australians casting a postal vote this federal election to take action quickly.

The Electoral Commissioner, Mr Tom Rogers, said anyone who already has their postal voting pack should complete their ballot papers and return them as soon as possible.

“As of COB Friday, we’d received more than 1.3 million postal vote applications, processed them and dispatched ballot papers to voters,” Mr Rogers said.

“While you have until election day to complete your ballot papers, don’t wait until the last minute – complete your postal vote and send it back to us as soon as possible.”

Australians voting via post must correctly complete their ballot papers, seal them inside the envelope provided, sign that envelope and have it witnessed before the close of polling on election day – Saturday 18 May 2019.

“Both your Senate and House of Representatives ballot papers must be returned to the AEC, sealed inside the envelope provided, for your vote to count,” Mr Rogers said.

While applications for postal votes can be lodged with the AEC until 6pm on Wednesday, Mr Rogers cautioned that time was running out.

“If you need a postal vote, please don’t leave it to the very last minute,” he said.

“For some locations, applications left until the last minute creates the risk that we just simply can’t get ballot papers to you, despite our best efforts, and you might need to consider the option of an early vote in person rather than postal voting.”