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Monsoon Likely Delayed Until 2020


Those of us hoping for the start of the monsoon will most likely have to wait, with build-up conditions continuing until January 2020.

Meteorologists can detect the first hints of the monsoon onset from three to four weeks out, but will have much greater certainty once it's about a week away.

This week's forecast

Despite many severe thunderstorms in the Darwin area during the past few days, no rain has been recorded at the airport - there's a better chance of rain reaching the northern suburbs and the city this weekend.

There's at least some rain on the forecast for most of the NT this week – heaviest falls will be in the NW Top End with showers and storms being generated by humid winds.

A patchy cloud band over southern and central districts will increase the chance of showers and storms with 15-20mm possible in the Barkly.

Temperatures will continue to be high across the NT, although a cooler southerly change in the Lasseter and Simpson districts will mean lower temperatures for the next couple of days

Hot Spot

Rabbit Flat in the Tanami recorded the hottest temperature in the Territory this week, with a scorching 44.7 degrees last Thursday.

Cold Spot

Arltunga, east of Alice Springs, dropped to 13.2 last Wednesday, and 13.5 the day before, making it the coldest place in the NT twice in a row.

Wet Spot

Port Keats airport in Wadeye received the most rain over the past week, with a total 64.8mm, bucketing down all on one day, Sunday.

First cyclone of the season

Tropical Cyclone Rita, currently north of Vanuatu, became the first cyclone in the southern hemisphere this year. It was downgraded from a Category 3 to 2 overnight and is expected to further weaken to a Category 1 before it makes landfall over the next few days.