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Greens Call For Deployment Delay


The NT Greens have called for a delay to the 2020 deployment of the USA Marines Rotational Force to Darwin, in light of the declaration of Human Biosecurity Emergency.

Greens Candidate for Nightcliff, Ms Billee McGinley, says the deployment should be postponed until local viral risk is better understood.

“This deployment of 2500 USA Marines comes at the worst possible time.”

“Viral spread in the USA is worsening by the day, with many Marines placed on an operational pause.”

“We’ve called previously for the NT Chief Minister to take an active role in setting boundaries for the visiting forces.”

“This time it’s urgent. The 2020 deployment should be immediately postponed.” Ms McGinley queried the adequacy of stated protocols for quarantine.

“If they do come to Darwin, where will these visitors sit out the declared 14-day quarantine? And how can they manage the increased risk of concentrating 2500 suspect bodies in close quarters?”

“Last weekend, the Prime Minister acknowledged the significant role of the Chief Minister in managing the specific risks faced by remote indigenous Territorians who are understood to be particularly vulernable.”

“Today, we’re urging the Chief Minister to step up and assert a leadership role in managing the specific risk presented by thousands of visiting foreign servicemen.”

Image: © Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence