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Better Behaviour At Litchfield


Northern Territory Police continued high visibility patrols of licensed premises as part of the COVID-19 response and in support of the stage 2 restrictions being lifted in the Northern Territory.

179 compliance checks were undertaken, with Northern Territory Police reporting no issues identified. Police noticed an improvement by businesses and patrons as they adjust to the changes associated with lifting of restrictions and the Chief Health Officers directions.

NT Police partnered with park rangers at Litchfield Park over the weekend to educate park patrons and to raise awareness of their responsibilities in relation to physical distancing and the relaxation of restrictions. Reports from officers at Litchfield indicate a significant improvement on behaviours observed in previous weeks.

NT Police also continued with random breath testing over the weekend with 343 drivers tested overnight, all of which tested negative for drugs and alcohol.

Commander David Proctor said, “NT Police were extremely pleased with how the public had responded to the lifting of the restrictions in a positive way and in a responsible manner. The overall behaviour of the public this weekend lays a good foundation for the relaxing of further restrictions on June 5 2020”

Image: Warren Poole / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)