Ronald Chin And Royal Commission Into Veterans Suicide


I want to congratulate all those involved with the Bombing of Darwin commemoration.

Reflecting on those who have served, we have some extraordinary veterans up in the NT.

The 7th of February was a big day this year: WW2 veteran Charlie Parrott turned 101.

It was great to celebrate with Charlie and his friends and family.

Happy Birthday, Charlie! What a milestone.

He served our nation during the Second World War, joining up in 1939 and fighting in North Africa and Greece.

He fought in the battle of Crete, and was taken prisoner.

Charlie was taken to Poland where he was forced to work in a coal mine.

The story of his survival and journey to freedom is extraordinary, and I recommend everyone reads his book “An Aussie Nobody: The Story of an Ordinary Man in Extraordinary Circumstances”.

Another exemplary Territory WW2 veteran was Ronald Chin.

Sadly, Ronny passed on the same day, the 7th of February, aged 95.

He served in the RAAF during the Second World War, was a lifetime member of the Chung Wah Society, and a legend of the Darwin Buffaloes footy club.

Ronny made a huge contribution to our community, and the Chin family continue to make an outstanding contribution to Darwin in countless fields.

Rest in peace, Ronny. Old Buffaloes never die, they simply fade away.

Deputy Speaker, Vietnam War veteran Waldo Bayley is a renowned bush poet, much loved in the Top End.

He sent me a poem he recently wrote. In it he says:

Some troops have lost fellow members who’ve died from suicide.

Their lives have been shattered, and they have no place to hide!

The families of our troops often suffer in their silence.

Sadly there’s a confrontation, sometimes ending up in violence.

People complain about the cost of a royal commission.

Parliamentary Members, this is your decision!

Let’s keep this big wheel turning, for there is no place to hide.

Let’s work to help deter our Veterans with thoughts of suicide. End Quote

My dad is also a Vietnam War vet.

One of Dad’s veteran mates said recently: “a royal commission will be s too late for some, but it will be a lifesaver for others.”

Extraordinary people put up their hands to serve our country.

The least we can do is support them and their families after their service. 

I continue to call on those opposite, particularly those with military experience: You have the power to do this, a Royal Commission into Veteran Suicide.

Let’s get it done!

Luke Gosling is the Federal Member for Solomon and a former Army Officer.


Top image Credit : Claudine Van Massenhove / Shutterstock.com